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We eat, breathe and sleep with culture. It’s always on – and so are we. Our 24/7 culture newsroom never takes a day off.

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Find out how the ripples of culture will affect your next big move. Sync your brand with where the world is going, today and into the future. 


Through the lens of culture, we partner with public and private organizations to help them take control of our changing world and play an active role in shaping their future.


We take intelligence from being one step in multiple processes to be at the center of integrated teams — in this world content and distribution meet from the start, teams work faster, and learn together.

Cultural Intelligence

Q™ is the system that powers sparks & honey. This active learning system helps us identify signals and patterns, structure data, and score trends — all at machine-level speed.

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Our culture forecasts are rigorous reports on topics you’ve never seen coming.


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Daily Culture Briefing

Every day at noon (while you’re eating lunch), we get together in NYC for our Daily Culture Briefing – a lively discussion on the trend signals percolating across culture.

Get a shot of culture wherever you are in the world. Watch the livestream of our Daily Culture Briefing every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 noon ET.

Our Human Network


Our AB is a think tank of 33 brilliant minds – CEOs, TED Talkers, authors, entrepreneurs – who help us form the future.


Our hyper-connected Scouts are the curious class who contribute trend signals from all over the world. 

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